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Stylish meets tough

Get ready for the tonneau cover which has it all. Engineered to rigorous global standards and awarded ten international patents, the EGR RollTrac features best-in-class security and smart technology. The all-aluminium construction provides a hardcore, tough and stylish solution to your storage requirements. A fully-electric roll cover which integrates with your vehicle's remote central locking, it features on-board controls, a smart ECU, and a multi-speed gearbox.


Smart Technology

An on-board electronic control unit (ECU) connects the EGR RollTrac to the vehicle’s electrical and remote central locking systems.

Equipped with intelligent programming, it offers smooth, safe, and variable-speed operation of the roll cover. Its power management system detects drops in vehicle voltage, preserving your remaining battery charge to start your vehicle.

Single touch buttons On-board controls located on either side of the EGR RollTrac - stop the roll cover in any position

Central locking integration Integrates directly with central locking

Bright, internal LED A bright, internal LED automatically lights your load area, giving visibility in dark conditions

Power management system Power management system intelligently preserves your battery when the voltage gets low

Manual backup key Manually unlock and operate the roll cover using a backup key if your battery dies

Anti-pinch system Anti-pinch system protects you from injury and guards your cargo against accidental damage



  • Durable and tested to extremes, the EGR RollTrac can handle it all. All external components are made from impact-resistant aluminium that won’t rust or corrode.
  • Finished in a premium, lightly textured, satin black powder coat that is UV stable and won’t fade over time.
  • Low maintenance design ensures that the cover continues to slide smoothly each and every time and keeps maintenance to a minimum.


  • Best-in-class security means your valuable cargo is safe from intruders. The EGR RollTrac integrates seamlessly with your central locking system, and includes tailgate locking as standard.
  • Sturdy claw hook style latches lock the cover firmly against your tailgate, resisting entry with over 200kg of pulling force.
  • With no external fasteners present – The EGR RollTrac cannot be disassembled to gain access to your stored items. Its aluminium interlocking slats will stand up to attempted forced entry, keeping both intruders and the elements away from your vehicle’s load area.
Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant

Get ready for your next adventure! The EGR RollTrac has been tested to all climate and weather conditions: dry dusty desert, wet tropical rainfall, salt spraying beach driving and extreme cold and snow.

  • Large aperture drainage tubes in each corner of the EGR RollTrac integrate seamlessly and discreetly into the vehicle.
  • Curved, concave-shaped canister assists in dispersing water quickly out of front drainage tubes, funneling water out and under the vehicle.
  • Interlocking aluminium prevents any water penetration between each slat on the surface.

In the snow

In the rain

Accessory Ready

Accessory Ready

  • Need more capacity? Loading up is no problem with EGR’s Cross Bar Kit for the EGR RollTrac. Increase your load capacity to 150kg and get the most out of your vehicle. Our universal T-Channel side rail mounting system also works with many rack brands and accessories already in the market.
  • Love your sports bar? Our Sports Bar adapter kits allow you to seamlessly re-fit your existing Sports Bar onto the EGR RollTrac.
  • Dust an issue? Complete your EGR RollTrac with a dust defence kit. These kits provide a superior seal around the inside perimeter of your tailgate, keeping dust and water spray from entering through the gaps around your vehicle tailgate.

Sports bar

Attaching bike

Accessory ready